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1432 Ortema Wrist Support Soft elastic support that covers the wrist and adjoining lower arm area. The elastic material is approx. 5 mm thick, and together with the partially elastic stabilisation strap offers pleasant support for the wrist joint. With an individually adjustable fastener for added comfort. Because the material is elastic, it is also easy to wear on wrists of a larger diameter. Colour: black. One size fits all. 500-0378 GENU-X Knee Support Brand new, ultra thin knee support to stabiliseand control the heat in the knee joint. This support is made of a combination of materials that is both elastic and warming, but cooling in high temperatures thanks to the inclusion of functional fibres. The product is notable for its excellent wear comfort, and has been specially designed for sports use. This support is FIS-homologated, and is also approved for use in skiing. Genu-X is available in three sizes. Circumference: mid-thigh. 500-0387 size M 500-0388 size L Material: 15% polyester, 30% nylon, 15% lycra, 40% PUR-foam Ortema Undersock The under-sock for all knee protectors is made of a breathable material, and quickly wicks moisture away from the skin. It is highly elastic and extremely skin-friendly, and so increases the wear comfort of any protector. Puts an end to sore spots caused by poorly positioned Velcro fastenings. Silicone-coated for effective skin contact and a perfect fit. Material: 80% amicor, 20% lycra 500-0389

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