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1429 Equipment Ortema enduro X-Neck neck protection The enduro X-Neck neck support is made form high-quality foam components which stabilise and support the enduro rider‘s cervical spine laterally and prevent the head from being overstretched during falls. Despite its supporting structure, head movement is not restricted. Its anatomical design makes it very comfortable to wear. Two Velcro straps are used to close the universal enduro X-Neck. You can wear it even with a protector shirt/breast protector or an enduro jacket. 500-0360 Ortema neck protection system ONB V3.0 TThe new neck protection system from ORTEMA, ONB V3.0(Ortema Neck Brace) is made from an unbreakable, super lightweight high-performance plastic. Its height is easy to adjust using Velcro pads. The support at the back is horseshoe shaped, which means the neck brace does not rest centrally on the spinal column. New features of ORTEMA ONB V3.0 - Even better bodyshaped fit of the rear part - Newly developed safety quick fastener - Completely foamed front part with increased shock absorption to protect the breastbone - Possible customization As a result, especially in combination with the ORTEMA P1 Light back protector, forces are spread over a large area and there are no peak stress points near the vertebrae. The ONB frame is supplied in the standard carbon colour with black padding material.* A functional strap system secures it in position on your body. The enduro version has a Velcro closure at the front and is universally suitable for all situations - whether you‘re wearing a rider‘s shirt, protector jacket, chest protector or an enduro jacket. It is also ideal with a leather suit for street bikes. size: L - adult | XL - larger adult (Neck measurement 44 cm or larger) 500-0367 size L 500-0368 size XL

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