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1426 Schuberth C3 PRO, flip-up helmet SCHUBERTH C3 Pro – The most sportive flip-up helmet ever. The new spoiler which has been optimised in the wind tunnel turns the C3 Pro into a real sport helmet which also demonstrates outstanding aero- dynamic properties at high speeds in excess of 160 km/h.With its further enhanced aeroacoustics of 82 dB(A) at 100 km/h the C3 Pro is one of the quietest helmets in the world. Naturally the new C3 Pro also incorporates two integrated antennas for increased ranges and better FM radio reception – prepared for the fully integrated communication unit SRC-System™. The suspension, made of carefully selected materials such as COOLMAX®, Interpower® and Thermocool®, sets new benchmarks with respect to comfort. Weight Only 1,570 grams (+/-50g) Colour: flat black (S-54/55) 500-1645 (M-56/57) 500-1646 (L-58/59) 500-1647 (XL-60/61) 500-1648 Touratech helmet rack The Touratech helmet rack provides enough space for even the biggest helmets. The cut-out areas ensure good ventilation. Ingeniously made from one piece, it is extremely resilient! - Made from 1.5 mm stainless steel - Can support up to 10 kg Dimensions: Helmet shelf: 34 x 30 cm, height: 17 cm 500-0203

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