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1419touratech Aventuro Carbon Field of vision: The large panorama field of view offers best all- round visibility and thus actively increases safety. This also makes the Aventuro Carbon ideal for wearers of spectacles. Emergency Strap System: The Emergency Strap System allows simple and quick removal of the cheek pads in case of an accident. This facilitates taking off the helmet and thus prevents damage to the spine. Ergo Padding System: The „Ergo Padding System“ enables optimal adjustment of the helmet to the individual head shape of the wearer using several foam pad strips. Visor: The scratch-resistant coated, three-dimensionally cast visor is fitted with a recess for mounting the supplied Pinlock™ Iinner visor. This combination effectively prevents misting and provides a clear field of vision under all weather conditions. Visor lock: The SuperLock ensures a securely closed visor. A special anti-fog position allows an open gap, ideal for city traffic. The fast shot lock allows changing the visor with only two clicks. Fastener: A double D-ring closure provides safety. The extra-long chin strap provides greater comfort as the fastener does not need to be opened every time the helmet is taken off, the strap simply needs to be pulled over the tip of the nose. Ready for intercom use: Perfectly positioned recesses inside the Aventuro Carbon and sufficient space on the outer shell of the helmet allow comfortable mounting of all common communication systems on the market. Certification: The Aventuro Carbon is dual-certified, both accor- ding to ECE 22.05 as well as according to DOT. Transport pouch: The protection and transport pouch for accessories and visors make storage child‘s play on the road and ensure permanent scratch-free visibility.

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