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1385 WORLDWIDE Equipment to choose the best compromise to meet your needs, wouldn’t it? Sensible, perhaps – but for Black this is light years away from the perfect solution! A strong partner Black embarked on a mission to develop the perfect motorcycle suit. He already had extensive experience along with plenty of ideas. But a state-of-the-art suit with active materials calls for high-tech textiles. You can’t just run one up on your granny‘s sewing machine. It’s not just that materials such as membranes require complex processing technologies. Well-known suppliers such as W. L. Gore also require precisely defined certification processes before you are even allowed to use their products. This called for a competent partner with in-depth experience in textile engineering – and the Bavarian manufacturer Stadler fit the bill exactly. The concept The renowned clothing manufacturer’s vast wealth of experience was just what Herbert Black needed to implement his ideas. The requirements for the Touratech suit were jointly defined. It was vitally important that the suit allowed maximum ventilation for physical exertion at high temperatures. On the other hand, it needed to be completely wind and waterproof in adverse conditions. The rider’s passive safety was high up on the list too, of course. Features such as variable widths for the perfect fit, adjustable cuffs and zips etc. could be taken for granted in a joint development like this by two expert partners such as Touratech and Stadler. If you wanted to sum up the basic concept of the Touratech suit in a nutshell, it would be „3 in 1“. In other words, with the Touratech Compañero you get three suits in one.

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