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1384 WORLDWIDE COMPAÑERO Picsleft:DirkSchäfer|right:GuidoBergmann Touratech’s Compañero suit marks a new chapter in the evolution of textile motorcycling equipment. The innovative Compañero combines the benefits of a sporty summer suit with the comfort of a top- quality GORE-TEX® weatherproof membrane all-in-one. A motorbike tour challenges your senses in so many ways: the people you meet, different cultures and mentalities, amazing scenery, culinary discoveries, unfamiliar climates and much more. The equipment you use has a major influence on how you experience your trip. For most motorcycle tourers, their equipment is just a means to an end that does more or less what it’s supposed to – it could have been better, or it could have been worse. But Touratech founder Herbert Black, who has been riding motorbikes to all corners of the earth for more than thirty years, has a passion for performance in all things related to motorcycling. Black has always stayed true to the basic principle: intuitive development based on his own experience. And he’s still a perfectionist. In pursuit of perfection It comes as no surprise, therefore, that he has closely followed the evolution of textile active clothing with climate membrane from the beginning, and has tested it extensively himself. Black has analysed the development in detail: sewn-in membrane, membrane as a removable inner jacket, membrane and outer material combined as a laminate... Each of these solutions has its plus-sides and drawbacks. If the membrane is sewn in as a liner, the clothing becomes unpleasantly hot to wear above a certain temperature, and even the best membrane reaches the limits of its breathability. The laminate has the same limitations. Although suits made from this “composite material” are appealingly thin and absorb practically no water even in steady rain, when the weather gets too hot the rider starts to roast! So the removable membrane is the answer, right? Not quite. The outer material on these suits is usually light and cool but it absorbs water when it rains, becoming heavy and cold. Even though the membrane inner jacket keeps you dry, you still feel like there’s a wet sack wrapped around you. Based on this analysis, it would be sensible

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