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1379 Equipment HKS chain lubricant How the HKS chain lubricant works • At first it's thinner than water, creates a suction effect and gets into the smallest hollow spaces • - Creates a lasting, thick and absolutely waterproof lubricating film similar to a plastic coating • Lubricating film thickness is between 2 to 5 times thicker than normal • Has a sealing effect (1); prevents foreign bo- dies from getting into the chain, reduces wear • Long-term lubricating effect, will always stick • Motorbike is ready for use after 3 to 5 minutes • Chain does not need to be cleaned before re-lubrification • Does not damage X or O rings HKS extreme Available in a 500 ml long- lasting tin with applica- tor so that you just lubricate the chain or 300 ml spray can. 400-0206 HKS extreme spray can 300 ml 400-0207 HKS extreme w(including applicator) 500 ml HKS-R 2 component chain and rim cleaner HKS-R creates optimum conditions for applying HKS lubrication for the first time. A 2 component solution is necessary to ensure optimum chain cleaning. Not only the dirt sticking on the outside but also the dirt inside the chain that destroys the chain and can appear when sealing rings wear out must be removed. It is also important that the cleaning agent is removed completely so that the lubricating film will adhere afterwards. Component 1 - CLEANER • Gently removes numerous layers of dirt from chains and rims Component 2 - NEUTRALISER • “Attracts” and removes the chain- damaging dirt loosened by the cleaner • from the smallest hollow spaces and neutralises the cleaner • Does not damage X or O rings, acid-free - Makes the rim shine again, also suitable for chromium 400-0205 HKS-R spray can 2 x 300 ml Cleaning, lubricant

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