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1378 S100 Paint and Plastic Polish Deep gloss on all smooth surfaces, such as painted metal parts (unicolour, multicolour, metallic paints), restored and weathered paint, varnished plastics, dyed plastics, Perspex panels and visors (not mirrored), decorative stickers etc. Removes fine scratches and matt patches from all smooth sur- faces. Seals polished surfaces with integrated wax components, making them water-repellent. Easy to use. Solvent-free, so ‚ Very economical. 601-0004 S100 Mirror Finish Polish High gloss polish for aluminium, chrome and black engine parts Removes traces of corrosion, scratches, blemishes etc. from metal surfaces such as aluminium and chrome. Ideal for refurbishing dulled, black engine parts. Prevents corrosion and produces a high-gloss mirror finish. Contains waxes that water will simply roll off. „Even removes the blue discolouration from stainless steel exhaust pipes.“ Johann Zach (exhaust technology) 601-0005 S100 Black & Shine Colour refresher for black engine parts, plastics, etc. - transpa- rent! SI 00 Black & Shine is a transparent colour refresher for quick, easy and lasting optical refurbishment of sun-bleached surfaces, such as black engine blocks, painted or unpointed metal parts and plastic parts. The product is temperature stable, dries with an even finish, and will withstand drives through rain and even several washes. 601-0006

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