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1370 Specialities KTM RACING 4T Fully synthetic high-performance racing engine oil specially designed for KTM racing motorbikes. Developed in partnership with KTM and tested by the world›s best riders in the most extreme racing conditions, this original racing sports pro- duct unleashes the maximum power of your KTM engine. It enables precise gear changes, guarantees that the multidisc clutch will function perfectly and effec- tively protects the engine. • Fully synthetic • Recommended by KTM Customer Racing • Viscosity and specifications: SAE 20W/60; KTM RACE ENGINE, MX, SM, RALLY, ENDURO 400-0178 (1 litre) 400-0179 (4 litres) BOXER 4T 15W/50 High-tech motor oil made on synthetic basis is special for use in air/oil-cooled boxer engines. With the «molecularly converted» (MC) technology the basic oils are laboriously refined in order to reach the level of performance of fully synthetic oils. MOTOREX minimizes the oil consumption thanks to very low NOACK va- lues. Developed and tested toghether with BMW and AC SCHNITZER experts. • Synthetic performance • Reduces oil consumption • Viscosity and specifications: SAE 15W/50: JASO MA – API SL, SJ, SH, SG 400-0166 (1 litre) 400-0167 (4 litres) BOXER 4T 5W/40 JASO MA2 High-tech synthetic engine oil specifically for use in water-cooled boxer engines. With «molecular converted» (MC) technology, extremely high-quality base oils are chemically refined and enhanced to achieve the performance level of fully synthetic oils. Thanks to its extremely low NOACK value, this Motorex oil achie- ves very low oil consumption. Developed and tested in close cooperation with the BMW tuner AC SCHNITZER. • Synthetic performance • Reduces oil consumption • Viscosity and specifications: SAE 5W/40: JASO MA2 – API SN, SL, SJ 400-0218 (1 litre) 400-0219 (4 litres)

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