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1368 Lars Würdemann CROSS POWER 4T Fully synthetic high-performance 4-stroke engine oil for off-road motorcycles. Especially developed for hard off-road use, this oil ensures ideal power develop- ment and provides optimal thermal and shear stability. It also gives the engine a high level of protection against wear and corrosion. Note: CROSS POWER 4T 10W/60 is highly recommended in KTM LC4 engines from 2007 onwards. • Fully synthetic • Off-road racing quality • Viscosity and specifications: SAE 10W/50: JASO MA – API SL, SJ, SH, SG SAE 10W/60: JASO MA – API SJ, SH, SG; KTM LC4 2007+ 400-0174 (10W/50 - 1 litre) 400-0175 (10W/50 - 4 litres) 400-0176 (10W/60 - 1 litre) 400-0177 (10W/60 - 4 litres) For more than 95 years, Switzerland›s largest independent oil blending company has been active in the development and production of innovative lubricants and care products. MOTOREX is the right choice when you want the best for your motorcycle. Mo- torbike manufacturer KTM, for example, has trusted in these high-tech products from Switzerland for the last ten years. Yet MOTOREX also offers oils that are specially optimised for boxer engines – ensuring minimal oil consumption along with other benefits. The wide range of top quality care products caters to every need, and in our opinion they deserve a place in every biker›s garage. We are delighted to be able to include MOTOREX quality in the Touratech range. 4-Stroke Motor Oils MOTOREX – Touratech‘s partner for lubricants and care products

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