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1366 Sili Gasket 2 A specially formulated gasket making compound for all motorbike applications. Developed to conform to General Motors’ specifications, ensures that Sili Gasket 2 does not contaminate catalytic converters or oxygen sensors. Resistant to petrol and most chemicals Rapid skin over, so reducing assembly time Conforms to GM 9985443. Multi-purpose; replaces most conventional gaskets. Wide temperature range -55°C to +280°C Pressure resistant up to 15.2kgf/cm². 070-1160 (100 ml) Petrol One-Shot Rapid Cleaner for all parts of the fuel supply and combustion systems. Reduces harmful exhaust emissions. Restores lost cylinder compressi- ons. ‘No harm’ tested Restores lost fuel economy Increases engine life. Disperses water and carries it through the system Restores all engine performance and efficiency. 070-1110 (250 ml) Spray wax KB10 To achieve a nice shiny finish you need to use polishes which contain special abrasive properties to renew the surface. This process is long and sometimes requires 2 to 3 different products to be used by hand and or machine. It takes a lot of time and effort ! 070-1170 (400 ml) Perfect Inox An easy to use and extremely effective cleaner for stain-less steel surfaces which leaves a protective coating to resist further tainting or marking. Removes general dirt, contamination and light grease. Helps protect surfaces against water or tainting marks. Fast acting and easy to use. 070-1112 (500 ml)

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