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1361 Equipment Screw-in spikes 1800, pack of 100 A must for winter rides and adventures on ice and snow. The spikes are screwed into the tyres using the screw-in adapter. Depending on the type of spiking, up to 250 spikes are needed for a front tyre, and up to 220 for a rear tyre. Use: suitable for on-road, knobbly tyres with min. profile height of 8.5 mm. depth of screw insertion: 10.5 mm - tip size: 2.3 mm 655-0001 1200 655-0042 Screw-in adapter for 1200 spikes Use: suitable for on- and off-road and in competitions, knobbly tyres min. profile height: 10.5 mm depth of screw insertion: 13.5 mm - tip size: 2.5 mm 655-0002 1400 655-0044 Screw-in adapter for 1400 spikes Use: only suitable for off-road and in competitions, knobbly tyres min. profile height 14.5 mm depth of screw insertion: 16.5 mm - tip size: 6.5 mm 655-0003 1800 655-0048 Screw-in adapter for 1800 spikes WARNING! Spikes are illegal in Germany. Please enquire about the laws in your country before using spikes. Rim locks, spikes, charging End cap (various, e.g. M8 gold anodised) Touratech end caps let you create visual highlights in colours to match your bike. - Individually interchangeable with many hand protectors, oil filler plugs and frame plugs - Made from colour anodised aluminium Ends M6 040-5900 gold anodised 040-5901 anodised red 040-5902 anodised black 040-5903 anodised titan Ends M8 040-5904 gold anodised 040-5905 anodised red 040-5906 anodised black 040-5907 anodised titan 655-00011200 655-00021400 655-00031800

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