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1355 31 8 5 2 4 6 9 7 030-0029 030-0065 P ART P ART TOU RATECH TOU RATECH NEW Equipment Electrical accessories Useful accessories for connecting electrical devices and lamps to the electrical system of your motor- cycle (standard on BMW’s) or car. Item 7,8,9 use this clever universal plug of No.4 1. Mini connector plugs in accessory socket smallest design, with 1 solder + 1screw terminal 030-0112 Mini plug 2. Standard connector plugs in accessory socket has screw type terminals. 030-0111 Standard plug 3. LC connector plugs in accessory socket screw type terminals (less stylish and less cost than items 1. and 2.) 030-0113 LC plug 4. Universal plug fits car cigarette lighter and BMW accessory socketl system univeral plug. Screw terminal 030-0011 Universal plug 5. Dual USB socket for motorbikes 12-24V, for 22 mm handlebar, This double USB socket connects to your motor- cycle battery and can be attached to the handlebar using the sturdy bracket or built into your bike‘s dashboard. 030-0029 USB-Adapter 030-0065 USB-Adapter ZA 6. Adapter for cigarette lighter-type plugs to the motorcycle’s accessory socket 030-0017 Adapter for cigarette lighter/electrical system 7. Adapter cable for accessory socket or cigarette lighter plug with two accessory socket. Universal plug to two accessory sockets 030-0024 Accessory sockets two 8. Universal plug with two cigarette lighter sockets. Universal plug to two accessory sockets . 030-0026 Cig-lighter socket two 9. Universal plug to one cigarette lighter socket and one accessory sockets . 030-0025 (1)Cig-lighter+(1)accessory

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