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1351 Equipment Remote control switch 1 x universal 4A/30V This practical remote control switch has an on/off switch and is fitted with a 1.4 m cable. The switch is fixed to the supplied bracket with a seal. Weight: 0.1kg 030-0170 Accessory socket If your motorcycle doesn’t have an accessory socket or if you need an additional power supply...... We use the accessory socket: - for connecting our CHALA12HD lamp (p. 982) - to charge the camera barreries - for our air compressor after repairing a flat tyre (p. 988). Fittings included. Mounts on the crossbar or handlebars (diameter of tubing 22mm.) 030-0012 without fuse to connect to a fused cable 030-0027 with fuse to connect directly to the battery for example Mounting kit for cigarette lighter socket Whether a mobile phone charging cable or a GPS connecting cable, they all have a connector for the cigarette lighter. Using the fixing clips you can easily mount this cigarette lighter socket on the handlebars or in another place. Either on the 22-millimetre main handlebar or on the 12-millimetre central handlebar strut. Both fixing clips are part of the delivery schedule. The delivery schedule includes a service cable and contacts for connection to the power supply. 030-0022 without fuse to connect to a fused cable 030-0023 with fuse to connect directly to the battery for exam- ple Heated grips, Velcro cuffs A very pleasant solution for the in-between time! These heated grips are really effective and very easy to attach and remove thanks to the indestructible Velcro. The heated grips fit practically every grip and handlebar, and will even absorb handlebar vibrations. A highly practical alternative to fixed heated grips. No laborious mounting - the cuffs are simply attached to the grip by Velcro. Including installation materials and instructions. Heating output: approx. 30 watts. 070-6001 Handlebar, Cockpit

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