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1347 040-1395 040-1392 Equipment Rally mirror These mirrors are best suited for sport use. The mirrors mount easily on the handlebars, are relatively small and can be folded to the centre of the handlebars (or nearly any other position). Provides better protection for your mirrors. Not approved for road use, sport use only. 070-0510 Rally mirror left 070-0511 Rally mirror right Universal windscreen spoiler As requested by many customers, there is finally a windscreen spoiler that fits almost all common windscreens. Simply and easy to fit. Increases windscreen height by about 13 cm and is adjustable to different angles. Forget about nasty airflow and noise. (without German TÜV Certificate). 040-1390 Spoiler for windscreen Universal locka- ble 040-1392 This spoiler was affixed and removed developed and made without tools, it is not from laser-cut and supplied with a German CNC-milled parts. TÜV certificate. Universal windscreen spoiler, small Thanks to an ingenious mechanism, the spoiler can be mounted on top of the existing windscreen without tools or screws. The thickness of the spoiler screen can be adjusted and screen curves can be compen- sated up to a certain range by means of elastic ele- ments. This spoiler was developed and made from lasercut and CNC-milled parts. Since the spoiler can be affixed and removed without tools, it is not supplied with a German TÜV certificate. Please check first whether your spoiler screen can withstand the increased loads caused by wind pressure! Increases the height of the windscreen by approx. 70mm Size: approx. 200mm x 135mm x 50mm Weight: approx. 200 g 040-1395 Mirror, windscreen spoiler

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