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1341 Equipment QD couplings for fuel lines - Easy to fill fuel stoves from the tank - Easy fuel line cut off - Quick tank removal without spilling fuel When releasing the QD coupling, one side seals automatically (with 2-way couplings both sides are sealed). Please note that BMW R850/1100/1150GS require two couplings 8mm for the tank inlet and outlet. 100-0100 QD coupling for fuel line 6mm (1x) 100-0101 QD coupling 2-way 6mm (1x) 100-0106 QD coupling for fuel line 8mm (1x) 100-0108 QD coupling 2-way 8mm (1x) Emergency fuel bag (disposable folding canister) Clean, convenient and safe while filling, transporting and pouring. Takes up minimal space and is easy to use. Including: - Spout for diesel and petrol tanks - Carrying handle Volume: 5 litres Weight: approx. 100 g (empty) TIP: An ideal solution when thereā€˜s just one (too) long section on the tour! 100-0029

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