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1319   For Touratech Suspension fork springs, we work with Hyperpro – the best possible partner. Our adventure touring fork springs are designed to combine perfectly with our Touratech Suspension shock absorbers. They give you a sensitive response and high reserves under load and/or during trips with off-road sections. Each fork spring set is specially adapted and manufactured by Hyperpro according to our specifications for the respective motorcycle model. Touratech Suspension fork springs are „infinitely progressive“ along their full length. For you, this means: • Optimum damping comfort over the fork‘s complete spring travel • Always optimal tyre grip and clean feedback from the road surface • Damping reserves with heavy loads on bad roads until bottoming-out protection • Ideal for travelling with a pillion passenger and/or luggage • Best fork tuning for chasing curves or dusty trails • All Touratech Suspension fork springs are road legal • Touratech Suspension fork springs are always supplied with the correct fork oil   Each of our fork spring sets is supplied with the appropriate detailed fitting instructions for the respective motorcycle type. We recommend having the fork springs fitted at a specialist workshop or Touratech Suspension service centre. You can find the fork springs for your motorcycle in the overview/table on page 1332. You will find the Touratech Suspension Service Centers on Page 1327 Touratech Suspension Fork Springs The optimum for your motorcycle forks  

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