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1312 The Touratech Suspension ACE suspension system lets you conveniently and effectively adjust your motor- cycle to any riding situation while sitting on the bike. Via the remote control, you ensure the bike has the correct balance for the respective load and adjust the suspension according to your personal requirements. ACE = Actively Controlled Electronic Suspension   As a result, the motorbike can be quickly and easily adjusted for all kinds of loading and riding condi- tions. The rider can adjust the suspension in fine increments to find the most desirable setup.   The Touratech Suspension ACE system offers the motorcyclist a high degree of active ride safety and touring comfort.   The Touratech Suspension ACE system can be used without an ESA system. The suspension system operates independently and only needs to be connected to the bike’s on-board power supply. For the ACE suspension system, we developed an autonomous system that uses its own sensors. A patented DDA high-performance solenoid valve is built into the shock absorber. It supplies complex data that enables the ACE sensors in the control unit to respond effectively to changing riding condi- tions. The ACE suspension system actively ensures that your preset spring preload and damping levels are always optimally maintained within fractions of a second as you ride. Touratech Suspension ACE Suspension System ACE = Actively Controlled Electronic Suspension

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