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BMW R1200GS/ADV 131water-cooled (2013 -) * BMW R1200GS Adventure 2014 Number Plate Splash Guard BMW R 1200 GS from 2013/ BMW R1200GS Adventure from 2014 This black anodised splash guard is mounted behind the number plate bracket and extends it both down- wards and towards the rear of the bike. It therefore effectively prevents dirt and other debris from soiling or damaging your seat, clothing, or luggage. The aluminium splash guard also stabilises the number plate and prevents it working loose due to vibration. Made of black anodised aluminium. 045-5000 045-5001* Side Covers for the BMW R 1200 GS from 2013/ BMW R1200GS Adventure from 2014 (Set Left and Right) Our side covers fill two ugly gaps at the rear of the R 1200 GS, and are as practical as they are visually appealing and beautifully shaped! The easy-to-fit covers are made of high quality plastic, and protect the delicate mechanics of the spring travel sensor just as well as the components in the Dynamic ESA and the rear shock absorber. Not all GS riders like the uninterrupted view of hard-to-clean parts at the rear of the suspension, which is why our side fairings not only protect against splashes on the road and flying dirt when riding off-road, but also have a smooth, easy-to-clean surface that is impossible for dirt to settle on! An anodised, exclusive laser-cut aluminium element combines the optically two-piece side fairing in a perfect and easy to fit and remove unit. This reduces the risk of catching a boot on the vehicle frame, and no equipment items can attach themselves to the vehicle. So the side fairings are not only a delight to look at, but also offer the best possible technical advantages! What‘s included: side fairings left and right, all materials. Colour: black. 045-5435 P ART P ART TOU RATECH TOU RATECH NEW

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