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1285 » Seats We also ran 4 x rental BMW 1200 GS’s for 2013. No matter which bike I’m riding, I simply swap the standard seat with the Touratech low seat, I’m absolutely at home on this seat and it’s never lost any of its comfort over the 11 years. GS Adventures arranges motorcycle tours throughout Southern Africa and we regularly visit Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique and Lesotho. Amazingly this Touratech seat has lasted on all 6 bikes, covering over 550, 000 km in 11 years. Bearing in mind the African climate and that while on tour the bikes stand exposed to the sun and rain this is remarkable. The seat has never become uncomfortable and shows very little sign of wear except for a slightly shiny surface. It’s truly a remarkable product. We now run 2014 BMW 1200 L/C GS’s and I’ve just ordered a 2014 BMW 1200 Adventure. Unfortunately the seat no longer fits the new bike and I’ll need to bid it a fond farewell. The new bike being slightly higher again necessitates me using a lower than standard seat and there is absolutely no question about which one I want –Touratech! Darrell van der Merwe GS Adventure Motorcycle Tours 550,000 km Touratech Seat after 11 years and 550,000 km

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