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1284 » »Darrell van der Merwe of GS Adventure Motorcycle Tours in South Africa has done 550,000 km on his Touratech low seat and wouldn’t want to ride without it. Here is his story: In 2004 I bought one of the BMW 1200 GS press bikes used for the world launch in South Africa. I bought the bike from Lyndhurst BMW in Johannesburg and rode straight from the dealership to the South African Touratech offices in Centurion. A friend of mine , Stephen King, was the owner of the Touratech agency in South Africa and as mine was one of the very first 1200 GS ‘s in the country , I went to show it off. On his floor was a bike with a Touratech low seat, I sat on it and immediately felt far more comfortable with better reach and able to place both feet on the ground. I bought that seat right there and then and that was the beginning of my story. That particular bike and I did 80,000 km in just 18 months, including a trip with Stephen up through Botswana, Zambia, and Malawi and onto Dar Es Salam in Tanzania. We shipped the bikes across to Zanzibar, explored the island and rode back to Johannesburg. When the first BMW 1200 Adventure was released I bought one and simply transferred the seat across. In 2006 I decided to start a touring Company, GS Adventures Motorcycle Tours. I’ve since owned a 2006 and 2007 BMW Adventure as well as my present 2012 Adventure. In 2008 I was sponsored by Zambesi Motorrad and enjoyed the use of 2 BMW Adventures over the next year. One Seat - Six Bikes - new Touratech Seat

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