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1282 For the most comfortable ride over long distances. Even the most terrific and exciting motorcycle tour can become pure torture if your seat isn’t what it really should be. How can you be expected to enjoy a relaxed view of beautiful countryside when your sweaty skin has gotten so sore in the worst places from bunched-up, chafing clothing caused by a poorly design seat? Seats from Touratech, which are developed and manufactured in southern Ger- many in close collaboration with the experts at KAHEDO, are the cure for this problem. They ensure a most comfortable ride even over long distances. Depending on the size of the rider and the intended use, Touratech offers seats in various heights and designs: from extra-low to high-rise, such as a sports seat for an LC 8 Adventure or an extra-comfort seat for an R 1200 RT. For instance, for just an R 1200 GS alone, we offer five different types of seats. You’re sure to find exactly what you need, and you‘ll really feel the difference! • A special foam core ensures that forces are distributed evenly and prevents wear. • With most seats a pronounced hollow (depression) in the middle of the seat ensures that there is no pressure on the coccyx and weight is distributed perfectly over the whole seat. • A proprietary developed bi-elastic covering material povides a better sense of security and inhibits sweat to a greater degree. The seat is perceptibly more comfortable. • The seams are stuck and welded together to ensure that they are 100% watertight. • Great care is taken to ensure that the seams are in positions that cannot cause any pressure points on the thighs and buttocks. • Various seat heights are available. The result: a seat tailored to the rider and suitable for long journeys. ERGONOMICS & LOWERING TOURATECH COMFORT FEATURES

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