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1274 For the most comfortable ride over long distances Touratech seats are already available for many models of bikes, with more to follow this year. They’re made of the highest quality materials and are specially designed to meet the ergonomic demands posed by long-distance touring. This means that pressure points caused by poorly designed padding or incorrectly located seams are avoided right from the start, thus ensuring comfortable seating over the long haul. A special foam core, made extra carefully by hand and designed to best fit the rider’s anatomy, ensures that weight and forces are evenly distributed to prevent pressure sores – even after many, many kilometres. In addition to their perfect shape, the comfort of the seats developed especially for Touratech is greatly increased by their bi-elastic upholstery fabric. Its surface improves grip when braking and accelerating and also reduces sweating. The result: The rider sits far more securely on the motorcycle and has better control in any situation. Even if other materials may look the same, they still don‘t offer these critical features! The seams of our extra-comfort seats from KAHEDO are specially treated to be 100% waterproof; the taut upholstery fabric doesn’t allow rainwater to collect on it; instead, it just runs right off. Our seats can also be used as separate modules because they fit right in with original-equipment passenger or rider seats. At the same time, the contours of the rear, pillion seats prevent the passenger from sliding forward. For many models, we also offer our seats covered in a patented “breathable” fabric, which much like modern motorcycle clothing lets moisture out yet is still waterproof. It’s the best solution for coping with heat and humidity, for it keeps underclothing from riding up, shifting, sticking and forming those pressing and painful folds and ridges. Tests in Namibia, Bolivia and Mexico have conclusively demonstrated greatly increased comfort in hot weather. In the process, Touratech is deliberately refraining from using gel pads as they prevent the air ex- change in the seating area and lead to more sweating. In addition, gel is temperature-sensitive; it will become hard and uncomfortable at low temperatures and soft and spongy when it’s hot. All of this affects riding and the sitting comfort drastically. With the Touratech seats, an optimal distribution of forces is obtained by the outlines of the foam core identified by conducting tests. since 1997 Touratech: Since 17 Years professional Touring-seats WHY NO GEL SEATS?

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