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BMW R1200GS/ADV 127water-cooled (2013 -) Side stand base extension for BMW R1200GS from 2014/ BMW R1200GS Adventure from 2014, wide shape It‘s a familiar problem that has tested the temper of many mo- torcyclists. After riding your bike along rocky, bumpy off-road tracks, you just want to stop for a rest. But that‘s easier said than done. Parking your bike on soft ground can be a real problem! Usually you can‘t find a wooden board or something similar to stand the bike on when you need it. Touratech has the solution: the side stand base extension more than doubles the area of the supporting surface, so you won‘t find yourself straining to lift the fully laden machine. A mix of stainless steel and black anodised aluminium components ensure the base extension looks good and provide full stability. Securely fixed to the side stand, the base extension is a useful accessory that is always there to save you a lot of hassle and frustration. 045-5276 Stainless Steel Folding Brake Lever BMW R 1200 GS (from 2013)/ BMW R1200GS Adventure from 2014 The brake lever can break even if you just fall. This will make it very difficult, if not impossible, to go any further. With our stainless steel brake lever you can reduce this risk easily and effectively because of the folding back end. The lever is adjustable in several ways to fit every foot and riding style. Compa- red to the original lever the Touratech folding brake lever can be adjusted in length by +5/-5 mm and in height by +4/+10 mm. This makes braking while standing up a lot easier. For extreme off-road use you can also attach a catch-rope. Note: The Touratech folding and adjustable brake lever in lower position is situated 13 mm higher regarding the original break lever height. 045-5395 Side stand base extension for BMW R1200GS model 2013! 045-5275

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