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1200 CM1 CM3 Drinking system for many Touratech tank bags* The ideal accompaniment for any Touratech tank bag. The drinking system can be velcroed onto the tank bag instead of the card compartment in seconds. There is space for the card compartment in this innovative system and thus it remains directly in your field of vision. If the drinking tube is not used this can be stored quickly and easily within the system. It can also replace drinking rucksacks thus making it more comfortable and saving you rom the wet back you normally get with rucksacks. In our opinion absolutely vital for long trips or in hot climates. Colour: black, Dimension (LxWxH): approx. 33 x 25 x 4 cm, Volume: 1 litres bag 055-1300 * Find the complete list here: /055-1300-en CM1 & CM3 Enduro Map cases Map case that mounts on handlebars (crossbar). Fitted with quick release buckles. Map is never out of sight,does not flutter in the wind. Enduro handlebar map bag CM1 080-0021 CM1 20 x 16 cm Enduro handlebar map bag CM3 080-0022 CM3 25 x 27 cm Attachment set Klett Velcro straps for attaching the CM1 and CM3 to handlebars without crossbar are optional. 080-0035 Buckle set Very strong buckle set for 20/25/30/40mm straps. Contents: 4 pieces. 055-1610 20mm 055-1612 25mm 055-1614 30mm 055-1616 40mm Locking buckle set Very strong locking buckle set for 20/25/40mm straps. Contents: 4pieces each. 055-1600 for 20 mm straps 055-1602 for 25 mm straps 055-1604 for 40 mm straps Carabiner/D-Ring - Set (40 mm) Contents: D-Ring, Carabinerand buckles (4 pcs. from each) 055-1620 Round hook/ D ring set Very strong round hook/ D ring for 25mm straps Contents: 4 x D rings, 4 x round hooks 055-1622 Extra strength Velcro Compared with traditional Velcro, extra strength Velcro makes a significantly stronger bond. A Velcro that locks into place to fix and remove quickly. Self- adhesive back, Size 75 x 100 mm 055-1630

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