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11681168 Service all the electronic gadgets one cannot do without on travels. Cameras, tablets and Smartphones can all find room in the tank rucksack which is relatively well protected in case of accidents. Especially practical are models with a conduit for a charging cable, so that these small power guzzlers can be charged from the onboard power supply. The units themselves can be protected against impact using precisely fitting covers. For professional camera equipment, it is best to use a photo tank rucksack with a variable interior which assigns body and lenses to precisely fitting and vibration-safe positions. And not to forget, a waterproof rain hood to keep the valuable freight dry in bad weather. And when all has been stowed, it is time to go for an extensive dry run. Check whether the handling of the machine has changed, it is highly likely that the pre-tension of the suspension strut needs to be adjusted to the greater weight, and also check the tire pressure. When loading the motorcycle, one of life‘s guiding principles applies: trial and error. And if things do not work out at once, the only consolation is that even highly experienced globetrotters only discover optimal distribution of all equipment during the course of a prolonged trip.

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