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1166 Service You have ticked your checklist, all your equipment is laid out. You can finally start packing. But beware: even if you have done everything correctly when choosing your equipment, there are still a few pitfalls left when stowing. It is obligatory to check your vehicle‘s documents before starting to pack. How high is the permitted load of your machine and how much of this weight is already taken up by the rider(s) and their complete gear? What does the luggage rack weigh, the cases and other luggage? After adding all the weight of the items to be packed together and still remaining within legal limits, then you can finally start with packing. A packing concept with no negative effects on the handling of the motorcycle is just as important for a pleasurable ride as it is for safety. Things that spring to mind instantly here, are off-the-shelf tank rucksacks which not only cause embarrassing honking of the horn but also limit the turning cycle of the machine considerably. Less obvious, but just as significant in terms of handling, is correct weight distribution. The positioning of top cases behind the rear axle full with tools and spare parts can lead to an unfavorable leverage effect as can heavy luggage rolls on the rack. It is better to stow only light equipment in the top case, and thermal mats, tent tarpaulin and fleece clothing in the How to pack properly!? A pleasurable trip is not only a matter of things you take with you. It is also the way in which you stow the luggage on the motorcycle which has a major influence on the success of your trip.

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