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© Chris Morgan ©ChrisWeston 1155 © Chris MorganThank You! With all that’s to come in the future, we must remember that BEARTREK didn’t get to where it is without the support and generosity of those like Touratech who have joined us along the way. To those who have accepted our message for years, spread the word about wildlife conservation, and given for the good of the cause; to those who work tirelessly to study and protect wild places, the species they sustain, and the resources we depend on; and to those adventurers who thread the trails connecting nature and ourselves - we say: “Thank you.” And we give you all a great big bear-hug. Please read more about BEARTREK: and Join the adventure: With the high quality BEARTREK “Ride Wild!” pannier stick- ers, you not only protect your panniers from scratches, but you also protect endangered bears, because Touratech supports the “BEARTREK” project by donating the proceeds to Wildlife Media! BEARTREK ZEGA pannier label, 100-0500 (approx. 17 x 34 cm) BEARTREK sticker, 100-0501(approx. 6 x 12 cm)

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