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1150 © Chris Weston © Siew Te Wong © Dean Cannon 1150 reducing the bear’s hunting grounds. Over the years Chris has used the stunning footage of BEARTREK to reach audiences around the globe and raise the issue of the polar bear’s plight. Today is no excep- tion, as 2014 saw him (and his motorbike) crisscross the planet to share the message of BEARTREK with the masses. To 2014... Chris may have spent December of 2013 taking in the natural surroundings of his home in Washington State, but the new year brought new opportunities to spread The partnership between Wildlife Media’s ‘Bears of the Last Frontier’ film and the Alaska Wilderness League helped to preserve 11 million acres of Alaskan wilder- ness and grizzly bear habitat through a campaign of screenings in major US cities resulting in protection by the US Depart- ment of the Interior. Featured biologist Siew Te Wong of Borneo has officially opened the Bor- nean Sun Bear Conservation Centre to reha- bilitate orphaned and injured bears and return them to the wild. BEARTREK footage donated to Wong helped him to gain funding and support from the Indonesian government. Dr. Nick Lunn, PhD and his polar bears of the Arctic still have an uphill battle with climate change which has led to the 6th- lowest ever coverage of sea ice in 2013,

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