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1149 © ©RobynAppleton&JavierVallejos © Chris Morgan 1149 BEARTREK Campaign The principal shooting for BEARTREK, the documentary-film from Wildlife Media, was finished back in the winter of 2012. After years of work, and many miles on his BMW F 650GS Dakar, it’s been an exhilarating journey for Chris and his team to complete post-production editing and scoring. The film follows Chris, ecologist and adventurer, as he seeks out four threatened bear spe- cies and the biologists working to protect them. The footage, taken during BEART- REK field shoots, has already proved a use- ful tool for protecting the wild places bears inhabit by helping to secure resources for sun bears, spectacled bears, and grizzlies. BEARTREK footage came to benefit the spectacled bears of Peru when the nation provided land for a new national park that would protect the bears from poaching and human encroachment. Today, the featured biologist Robyn Appleton is helping promote con- servation, education, and poverty reduction through a Felted Bear program, selling crafts that help send Peruvians to school.

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