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114 Comfort Seat for BMW R 1200 GS (2013 onwards)/ BMW R1200GS Adventure from 2014 There are many ways to significantly improve the comfort and long-distance suitability of the standard seat on the new GS! For example, increasing the surface area of the seat is top of the wish lists of many riders and passengers. We provide the desired level of comfort by producing a larger, anatomically shaped foam core together with our own plastic base pan. The seat is perfect over long distances thanks to its high-quality, non-slip, bi-elastic covering material that provides a sweat-resistant surface. Of course these seats also feature proven Touratech optimisations such as a hollowed recess to relieve coccyx pressure, a special contour on the pillion seat surface for support while braking and accelerating, and perfect positioning of the seams. The extremely useful ability to adjust the seat angle and move the pillion seat is retained with our seats. All in all a great investment in the future of your R 1200 GS! This high quality seat is supplied complete and ready-to-fit - there is no delay waiting for reuphols- tery work. It does not require any modifications to your motorbike and simply replaces the original seat, which you can keep. 045-5899 extra low (-3 cm) 045-5900 low (-2 cm) 045-5901 standard 045-5902 high (+2 cm) 045-5907 pillion We also offer this popular comfort seat in our patented breathable version for the most discerning riders! The seat construction is based on an open-pored foam core with a spacer fabric around the seat to allow air to flow more easily through the ultra strong, elastic, waterproof textile cover. The result of this elaborate construction is overwhelming, and guarantees maximum riding comfort not only on long rides, but also at high outside temperatures and in extreme humidity. And yet there are no disadvantages or restrictions in normal every day use. Comfort Seat *Breathable* 045-5904 standard 045-5905 high (+ 2 cm) 045-5910 pillion Our rider and pillion seats can only be used together on the Adventure!

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