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BMW R1200GS/ADV 113water-cooled (2013 -) Stainless Steel Radiator Protector, BMW R1200GS from 2014/BMW R1200GS Adventure from 2014 BMW is going to rely on water cooling in new boxer engines as well from 2013. This means that optimum performance can be combined with a long service life. With its technically perfect imple- mentation, the system has just one weak point: the sensitive radiator. The Touratech radiator protector shields the vulnerable lamellae of the radiator against damage and thus provides an enormous safety benefit! The dread of flying stones, sticks or other debris will be no more. A small investment will make your trip a whole lot safer! Optically unobtrusive yet in the unmistakeable Touratech-style, the radiator protector made of laser cut, stainless steel blends in with the R 1200 GS design perfectly. Parts supplied: 2 parts (left and right) Relocation Cardan Ventilation for BMW R 1200 GS from 2013/ BMW R1200GS Adventure from 2014 Riding a GS through deep water - no problem. Unfortunately not! A small and inconspicuous valve at the cardan housing ensures the necessary ventilation and pres- sure exchange. If the valve gets dipped under water, moisture can get into the housing and damage the whole drive. The solution of the problem: relocating the cardan ventilation valve to a protected position. Due to two robust connectors made of lathed aluminium and a durable hose, the valve will be repositioned in a very easy way. A MUST HAVE for every long-distance journey! 045-5506 045-5018 045-5017 (black)

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