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1117 93,0 cm 38 85,0 cm 31 95,0 cm BMWHP2&R1200R pannier systems all years of construction Pannier System ZEGA Pro AND-S/AND- Black, BMW R 1200 R | -2012 This pannier system turns the BMW R 1200 R into the ultimate touring machine! The robust stainless steel pannier rack is mounted as close as possible to the rear frame and is fastened by means of the existing attachment points. We can use two panniers of the same size due to the slim construction of the rack. This system has proven that it is perfectly suitable for touring after completing many miles of test journeys. The anodised ZEGA Pro panniers blend perfectly with the shape of the R 1200 R and thus make it the sportiest touring machine of all the BMW motorbikes. Pannier system ZEGA Pro AND-S/AND-Black 38 litres 1 x pannier rack with attachment materials 2 x ZEGA Pro AND-S/AND-Black panniers 38 litres 610-0630 AND-S 610-0620 AND-Black Pannier system ZEGA Pro And-S/AND-Black 31 litres 1 x pannier rack with attachment materials 2 x ZEGA Pro AND-S/AND-Black panniers 31 litres 610-0640 AND-S 610-0610 AND-Black Zega Pro pannier system, 31/38 ltr, stain- less steel rack, pre-assembled Travelling comfortably to our holiday destination on the HP2 - and when you get there, tackling rough offroad tracks with the same bike. The design para- meters of the HP2 are ideal for this kind of versatility and to further optimise the sports boxer, we offer you superlative “Travel Hardware” for the HP2. The aluminium pannier system again has a very ro- bust construction. We have tried to bring the pannier racks and the panniers as close as possible to the motorcycle. Numerous tests have already been per- formed in order to ensure that the entire development satisfies the required demands. The rack is made of 18 mm steel tubing and is at- tached to existing mounting points using special fixing clips and reinforcing pieces. ZEGA Pro: 052-3171 (31/38 ltr VMT) ZEGA Pro *And-S*: 052-3172 (31/38 ltr VMT) ZEGA Pro *And-Black*: 052-3173 (31/38 ltr VMT) VMT: pre-assembled *And-S*: anodised aluminium panniers

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