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1116 92 cm 100 cm 38 45 BMWR1200GS-2013|-Adv.2014 BMW R 1200 GS/Adventure SPECIAL SYSTEM *ZEGA Pro* Our favourite special system now for the R 1200 GS/Adventure with ZEGA Pro panniers, too. The left box has a gap for the silencer (as a result the capacity is reduced by approx. 5 litres). The overall width of the 45 litres special system is 100 cm, that of the 38 litres special system is 96 cm. - With special stable luggage rack. - Ready fitted fixing kits. - Sturdy connecting bar. - Original indicators can be re-used. - No exhaust extension necessary for original silencer. *And-S*: anodised aluminium case Special System with: stainless steel rack steel rack (black) ZEGA Pro 38 Liter 052-3011 052-3001 ZEGA Pro AND-S 38 Liter 052-3003 ZEGA Pro AND-Black 38 Liter 044-5717 ZEGA Pro 45 Liter 052-3012 052-3002 ZEGA Pro AND-S 45 Liter 052-3004 ZEGA Pro AND-Black 45 Liter 044-5727 ZEGA Pro 38 Liter 052-3011052-3001 ZEGA Pro 45 Liter 052-3012052-3002

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