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1107 TOPSELLER Luggage Strap It™ Motorbike Adjustable “Perfect if you carry many varied shapes and sizes of luggage” Do you need to secure a range of different luggage items to your road bike, cruiser bike, dirt bike or ATV (Quad)? Want a strap that minimizes the risk of damage to you, your goods and your paint work? Then our Strap It™ Motorbike Adjustable is the perfect strap for your needs. Product description: Combines a long length of webbing with a short length of our unique flat shock cord. An adjuster buckle joins both portions together and allows easy adjustment of strap length. Each extremity of the strap is fitted with a webbing loop that allows each portion to be wrapped around anchoring points in a permanent fashion, or simply looped over an anchoring point. Superior design qualities ensure the highest levels of safety, strength, ease of use and long life. Benefits: Adjustable and very versatile. Adjusts easily to fit around most lug- gage items. Simply slip or wrap the strap around your luggage, fix down ends and you’re off! Quality materials and good mechanical connections ensure these are the strongest of elasticised strap you will use on your bike. Safely holds 90 lb (45kg) in a straight pull, or 180 lb (90kg) when looped over cargo. Adjuster allows you to pull down tight for the strongest possible luggage hold. Available length: approx. 60” (45-150 cm), adjustable, 2 pieces Available width: approx.1” (2,5 cm) 055-0406 black-blue 055-0411 black 055-0413 black-orange Rockstraps And for light luggage: Strap It™ Pack Adjustable Length: approx. 42” (106 cm), adjustable Available Width: approx. 1” (1,6 cm) (2 pieces) 055-0412 yellow 055-0421 black 055-0422 black-orange

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