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1091 050-0830 PART PART TO URATECH TO URATECH NEW Luggage Luggage space expansion ZEGA, ZEGA PRO & BMW Adventure Case We have designed a series with a sensible luggage space expansion for your new ZEGA PRO. This adapter solution can be fitted anywhere on the outside of the case. At the heart of the system is the base plate. This „docking station“ is appropriate and necessary for all of the adapters offered on this page. The system offers the advantage of enabling any adapter to be used on a single base plate. So once the base plate has been fitted, you can use any of the adapter plates shown here to suit your particular purpose - it‘s a flexible, well-designed system that is ideal for all kinds of trips’n’tours. The base plate and adapter are extremely sturdy, and mean that additional fuel cans, bottles etc. can be safely and securely attached without damaging or dirtying your other luggage. Made of stainless steel with all the necessary attachments and detailed fitting instructions. Suitable for all Zega Pro cases and the 35 and 41-l Zega cases. Base plate 050-0830 Adapter plate with Ortlieb first aid kit - including Ortlieb first aid kit 070-0027 (page 1496) 050-0914 Simple and fast - changed by just one click! Adapter plate with Ortlieb additional bag - including Ortlieb additional bags (page 1420) 050-0840 size S 050-0842 size L ZEGA Pro2 accessory holder with Ortlieb additional bag „High Visibility“ (p. 1733) 050-3210 size S 050-3211 size L

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