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BMW R1200GS/ADV 109water-cooled (2013 -) Heat Protection Shield Front Manifolds for BMW R 1200 GS from 2013/BMW R1200GS Adventure from 2014 Due to the position of the R 1200 GS boxer engine, unlike on other motorbikes, the manifolds are far over to the outside, completely free and exposed. Travelling over rough and smooth, there is always a risk of scratching a manifold on something or getting stuck. The consequences - dents, scratches or, in the worst case scenario, holes. We have the solution: the heat protection shield by Touratech provides optimum protection for the manifold. A useful and inexpensive accessory that usually pays for itself the first time it‘s used. This heat shield is made from laser-cut stainless steel. The design blends perfectly with the overall look of the new R 1200 GS. Very simple, fast and secure mounting. 045-5065 (2 pieces) Rear Brake Fluid Reservoir Guard BMW R 1200 GS from 2013/BMW R1200GS Adventure from 2014 On the BMW the brake fluid reservoir is all too easily accessible, putting it at risk of damage or tampering. Made from laser-cut aluminium, Touratech’s brake fluid reservoir guard effectively prevents damage and undesired access to the reservoir lid, yet you can still easily see the fluid level. The guard simply bolts onto the existing mounting point. 045-5030 Brake Calliper Cover (Set) Front for BMW R 1200 GS from 2013/BMW R1200GS Ad- venture from 2014 Just a few years ago, an elegant cover over the callipers was included in the standard fittings on many motorbikes when they left the factory. Unfortunately, though, all searches for this protective and attractive cover for the R 1200G S have proved futile. And yet it not only hides the often ugly individual compo- nents of the brake, but also stops the aggressive brake dust from settling on the rims and protects the brakes against rain and salt water, pebbles and dirt. Our covers are made of PU, come as an easy-to-fit set, and make sure that the front brake system of your GS looks good - a beautiful accessory elegantly covering the very technical brake calliper. 045-5172 045-5173 *red*

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