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1089 Luggage Bottle Container With this bottle container drinking bottles or gas bottles for the gas cooker can finally be fixed in many different places, e.g. on the aluminium panniers, frame etc. The robust holder can be screwed firmly to the aluminium body or fitted to other parts with suitable retaining clips. There are slots for them. The holder is made of stainless steel. Bottles are not included. Bottle container, one bottle 050-0850 Bottle container, two bottles 050-0852 Jerrycan This jerrycan with a standard opening (suitable for pump nozzles) lets you safely transport the liquids you need – such as red wine, water (not taste-neutral) or even petrol. The jerrycan is approved for use as a fuel container. CAUTION! If used as a petrol can make sure it is fastened securely to an area of the motorbike that is less vulnerable to impacts. We recommend using our jerrycan bracket for our case systems 070-0573 Colour black, capacity 3 litres (filling capacity) 070-0580 Colour black, capacity 2 litres (filling capacity) Canister 2 litres Polyethylene canister, Made in Germany With integral filler and spout. TÜV tested industrial quality. Colour: black, Weight: 245 g Dimensions: 145 x 80 x 275 mm 070-0520 Holder for canister Sturdy stainless steel holder for our canister including 2 expanding straps and fixing material. With this holder you can fix the canister firmly, for example to a case. Additional slits allow you to fix it to other suitable places with clamps. Weight: 390 g. 050-0858 2 litres 050-0859 3 litres Adapter plate, universal with support angle 050-0866 050-08582 litres 050-08593 litres

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