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1084 PACK IT ZEGA PRO Laptop Bag Where to put a delicate laptop? We have the perfect answer to this: the Ortlieb laptop bag. It fits perfectly inside the case, and protects the sensitive electronic device against other items of luggage, impacts and blows. 050-0823 - 10“ 050-0824 - 13“ 050-0825 - 15“ 050-0827 - 17“ Pack-It COMPLETE ORGANIZER Dimension: approx. 34 x 25 x 15 cm Volume: approx. 16 litre 070-3044 blackPack-It You all know the problem: Why is there only one blue sock of the pair left? It starts snowing and there is only one warm glove left! Why do you have to take everything out of your bag just because the left sandal is missing? Our Cubes will help you not to drown in chaos. With these versatile bags used for arranging your luggage and keeping it together you will be better organised immediately. The meshed top provides ventilation and you will see what is in the bag. The Cubes are available in different sizes and now also in different colours. Pack-It™ Clean+Dirty Cube *Eagle Creek* black Dimension: approx. 36 x 25 x 10 cm Volume: approx. 12 litre 055-0057 Pack-It SHOE SAC Dimension: approx. 41 x 23 cm 055-0052 Pack-It™ Clean+Dirty Half Cube *Eagle Creek* black Size: 25 x 18 x 9 cm 055-0364

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