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1083 Luggage ZEGA-Bag for ZEGA Case You need a bag that opens quickly. You are worried that contact with the metal pannier will may damage your best suit. You want to pack and unpack your bag quickly. You prefer that when your tent or hotel room is neat and tidy. Then you need the ZEGA BAG. The bag comes in two sizes to fit both pannier models (35 and 41 litres). It features two carrying handles and two additional loops for fixing the ZEGA BELT. The outside pocket is ideal for travel documents. This sports and travel bag has been designed for our ZEGA panniers. With wraparound zip for easy loading ZEGA-bag 35 055-0010 ZEGA-bag 41 055-0020 ZEGA bag 29 055-0005 ZEGA-Bag Top There is also a tailor-made ZEGA-bag available for our top box. Two carrying handles and a wraparound zip make handling easy. 055-0025 (ZEGA bag top L) 050-0818 (ZEGA Pro bag top 25) 050-0819 (ZEGA Pro bag top 38) Waterproof Inner Bag with Valve for ZEGA Panniers This bag is specially made for our ZEGA and ZEGA Pro panniers. It fits perfectly inside the case so you can make full use of the packing volume. And to help you pack as much as possible in the smallest possible space, the inner bag has a valve so the air can be pressed out when you roll it up. This means you can make use of every millimetre in the pannier and don‘t end up packing air. Made of a robust material with Ortlieb‘s popular roll-up closure. 050-0814

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