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1076 ┬╗The Touratech aluminum cases are far more than just being extremely robust luggage containers. They form the basis for an entire universe of specifically adapted accessories. With the need for only minimal space requirements, the tailor-made Zega accessories offer intelligent solutions for the numerous needs of motorcycle travel. Touratech offers a unique portfolio of accessories for the aluminum cases of the Mundo and Zega lines. To save having to drill unnecessary holes into the elegant case when using various holders for bottles, canisters or first aid kits, Touratech has developed a universal base plate into which the required holders can simply be click-mounted. Odor-intensive substances such as petrol and oil can be transported as external loads using special canister mountings. The same applies to bottles with drinks or the first aid kit which can be attached to the outside of the case and are thus readily accessible. For the transportation of additional luggage, a broad selection of textile bags and nets is available which can be attached to lid or sides of the Zega. Warm clothing, rain gear or useful small items are therefore always in reach quickly. Options for the interior design of cases also leave nothing to be desired. From waterproof bags via special bags which allow optimal space utilization of the lid, to special solutions such as laptop or tool bags, everything has been taken into account.And once you have arrived at your destination, the Zega cases can fully demonstrate their versatility. Add a cushion and make a seat out of your case, the Zega table turns your aluminum case into a stylish table for an outdoor banquette. A number of the detailed solutions serve to individualize the boxes: this includes a carrying handle, safety devices for the lids and locks, as well as screw-retained loops for customer-specific transportation needs. Sticker sets, reflective strips and colored plastic corners make every Zega case distinctive. And, of course, the Zega Pro topcases benefit from many of the described solutions. The Zega universe

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