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1071 ZEGA Pro Topcase / 25 Liter / AND-black 050-0653 ZEGA Pro Topcase AND-S 050-0652 Luggage ZEGA Pro Topcase The Zega Pro Topcase offers all of the same advantages as are found with our tried and tested ZEGA Pro panniers! Absolutely waterproof Topcase made from rugged, polished aluminium with protective corners! On the lid are four top loops for attachment the luggage. The anodised version of the ZEGA Pro doesn‘t just shine in its fabulous natural aluminium look, but also prevents rubbing inside the case. The ultra thick, high quality anodised layer offers very special protection for the surface and helps to prevent discoloration. Topcase-bracket: To secure the Zega Pro Topcase take the brackets on page 1072. Other vehicle-specific ZEGA Pro Topcase brackets are currently under development and will be available after successful tests in the Webshop. Current information can you found at www. Dimensions: 25 litres Topcase (l x w x h): 315 x 400 x 180 mm 38 litres Topcase (l x w x h): 315 x 400 x 300 mm (Helmet fits in!) ZEGA Pro Topcase ZEGA Pro Topcase with Rapid Trap 25 litres 050-0650 050-0652 *AND-S* 050-0653 *AND-black* ZEGA Pro Topcase without Rapid Trap 38 litres 050-0660 050-0662 *AND-S* 050-0663 *AND-black* 25 litres 050-0670 050-0672 *AND-S* 050-0673 *AND-black* 38 litres 050-0680 050-0682 *AND-S* 050-0683 *AND-black*

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