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1068 » Pic.: TT-UK | South America Simply clever - the topcase In the cities of southern Europe it is virtually part of the scenery - the topcase. Whether scoo- ter, travel enduro or sports machine, there is hardly a two-wheeler on the road without a box on its rear. Whereas the rather flat design required previously by law in Germany and giving the topcase the loving nickname „pizza case“, the southern Europeans have a far more prag- matic attitude to the topcase. Not really surprising, as motorcycles are an everyday means of transportation, in particular for urban dwellers. And there, the topcase as luggage compart- ment is unbeatable. Just open the lid and stuff everything inside that needs to be stowed. From a head of lettuce to business documents (probably best not to put both in together), you can stow just about anything securely and waterproof. Exactly: also securely. Because a good topcase can be locked. You can leave your helmet and gloves in the vehicle without having a bad conscience, your hands are free for shopping. And when using a topcase, the vehicle remains nice and passable, just the ticket for a city runabout. And on big tours, this practical box is the perfect complement for the aluminum ca- ses. Everything that is not too heavy and which needs to be accessible quickly can be stowed.

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