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1063 31 L. 38 L. 45 L. Luggage Manufactured in the Niedereschach facility, the Mundo benefits from the advanced technologies which are also applied to the Zega Pro and Zega Pro2 variants. This is where the precision of computer-gui- ded machines and the profound know-how of highly trained skilled employees meet. Like the other cases of the Zega family, the Mundo is equipped with high quality, lockable stainless steel fittings. These not only allow the complete removal of the lid, they can als serve as hinges, so that the case lid can be opened to the front or rear as required. The case is secured to the model-specific designed track-proof carriers, made from 18x2 steel tubing, using the thousand-fold proven Touratech system. The large, originally knurled securing nuts in the case interior are now shaped ergonomically in the Mundo to allow even easier handling. Fast mounting and absolutely play-free fit, even after thousands of kilometers on the track, have made this system the first choice in travel to faraway destinations. But the new Mundo can do a lot more than simply carrying luggage reliably from A to B. The compre- hensive Zega range of accessories turns the Mundo into an individual transport system. The Zega Mundo is available in three sizes ranging from 31, 38 to 45 liters volume. And last not least, the clean esthetics of the Mundo make it a timeless, beautiful piece of European craftsmanship. Zega Mundo Alucase Without Mounting Kit 31 litres 050-3815 38 litres 050-3825 45 litres 050-3835 Zega Mundo Alucase | Premounted with Mounting Kit 31 litres 050-3810 38 litres 050-3820 45 litres 050-3830 * Mounting Kit see page 1079

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