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1062 ZEGA Mundo PART PART TOURATECHTOURATECH NEW Zega Mundo – Back to the roots The Zega Mundo follows the tradition of the legendary Zega Case. A simple, robust and nicely designed aluminium case that handles all assignments, ranging from everyday to adventure, with flying colors. The development of the Zega Mundo focused one hundred percent on pure functionality. Practical suita- bility, robustness and technically clean design are all united in this aluminum case. To obtain joins with maximum strength, the indestructible body is made of 1.5 mm thick aluminum sheeting and riveted to the base, which is drawn from a single piece of aluminum, with special rivets. This concept conveys the case with a solid plus in terms of rigidity. In addition, the integrated, extra large- dimensioned silicone tape ensures a lifelong waterproof seam. The same applies to the specially formed profile which forms the upper part of the case body. It reinforces the case and the integrated sealing lip, which fits the lid profile with absolute precision, ensures completely waterproof closure. Constructional design and the choice of materials pool the experience of over two decades of adventures and expeditions on the world‘s toughest tracks. The materials can withstand hours and days of vibration on washboard tracks as well as as load peaks when rapidly crossing through bumps. High tensile and penetration strength of the material ensure maximum resistance when encountering obstacles or - in the worst case - taking a fall.

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