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1058 ZEGA Pro - Aluminium Whether jungle expedition, desert adventure or driving through the continuous rain of central Europe: our aluminium ZEGA cases have proved their worth in countless motorbike adventures, even under the most extreme conditions, and shown themselves to be indestructible and reliable companions. And now we are delighted to present ZEGA Pro, the revolutionary development that complements our popular touring panniers. Just as versatile as the ZEGA case, beautifully shaped, strong, and with plenty of accessories, it will fit (with the appropriate mounting sets) almost any rack, and is also available in three different sizes and an anodised version. In a modern design and state-of-the-art construction, our developers have come up with a veritable masterpiece in the ZEGA Pro. Light and yet sturdy, the case is available in a 31, 38 or 45 litre version, made entirely of 1.5-mm aluminium, water- and dust-proof, and manufactured to the highest standards - no way were we going to settle for a basic plastic construction that was simply jazzed up with a few bits of moulded aluminium! The lid and base of the ZEGA Pro are welded, which achieves the maximum rigidity of the connections, and the base and outer shell have high quality rivets (no cheap studs for us - or you!). You‘ll find no leaky welded seams along the edges. The anodised version of the ZEGA Pro doesn‘t just shine in its fabulous natural aluminium look, but also prevents rubbing inside the case. The ultra thick, high quality anodised layer offers very special protection for the surface and helps to prevent discoloration. * Mounting Kit see page 1079

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