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1057 050-3203 050-3204 050-3210 Luggage ZEGA Pro2 Zega Pro2 Accessory Holders Our new accessory holders have been further developed specifically for the pre-assembled Zega Pro2 aluminium panniers. Innovative solutions and detail improvements figure significantly in the new series. Zega Pro2 accessory holders attach to the pannier in seconds using the standard attachment points of the pre-assembled Zega Pro2 aluminium pannier. Securing the pannier lock automatically secures the acces- sory holder. This means there is no need for a push button, and the equipment can remain in the holder. All Zega Pro2 accessory holders come with plastic elements to protect belts. Adapter Plate Spare Canister 2 l - for our spare canister 070-0520 (Oil)/ 070-0580 (Petrol) - including lashing straps / without canister 050-3202 Adapter Plate Spare Canister 3 l - for our spare canister 070-0573 - including lashing straps / without canister 050-3203 Adapter Plate - Universal - with support angle 050-3204 Bottle Holder - suitable i.e. for our water bottles 070-0530 - including lashing straps / without bottle single 050-3200 double 050-3201 Adapter Plate - accessory holder with first aid kit 050-3205 Adapter Plate - aaccessory holder with Ortlieb additional bags 050-3207 size S 050-3208 size L ZEGA Pro2 accessory holder with Ortlieb additional bag „High Visibility“ 050-3210 size S 050-3211 size L

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