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1041 Luggage The only (affordable) material offering the required strength at a justifiable weight, was aluminum. Professional expeditions have already been using containers made of this versatile light-weight material for prolonged periods, however, these boxes had dimensions which were totally unsuitable for use with motorcycles. Traveling motorcyclists of this generation received no support at all from the accessory industry. So it is not surprising that construction drawings for making aluminum cases were traded as eagerly at the various meetings as new routes through Central Sahara. Depending on the craftsmanship and imagination of the designer, these early self-made aluminum boxes resulted in some curious designs, many of them not even surviving the first part of the trip on the motorways. As part of the natural selection process, central criteria evolved which still apply in principle to today‘s aluminum cases as being suitable for practice. This includes a more or less cube-shaped form to give optimal utilization of the interior, as well as a tight-sealing lid. The robust exterior skin also had to survive hefty impact, as well as allowing repairs with basic means en route. And last not least, mounting to the carrier should not become loose, even after thousands of kilome- ters of riding tracks., Water-proof and indestructible high quality aluminum cases with comfortable handling and unbeata- ble diversity are the perfect companions for all manner of motorcycle travelers.

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