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Cockpit 1031 IMO-100R300 The rallye computer IMO-100R300 is TOURATECH‘s high-end device. It features the same basic functions as the IMO-100R, but offers a host of additional features. - For use on all types of motorcycles with alternater or generator system (with or w/o battery) - Simple to fit - Provides a lot of information and has many functions - Replaces nearly all standard instruments - For use as „replacement instrument“ - Time of day, date - Speedometer and rev counter (simultaneous display) - Display of total distance travelled up to 999 999 (editable) - Fuel consumption calculator and distance covered between fills - Daily trip recorder incl. Average speed (with and w/o break times) - Trip distance recorder incl. Average speed (with and w/o break times) - Outdoor thermometer with storage of minimum and maximum temperatures - Display of motor temperature - Countdown tripmeter showing distance to destination incl. arrival time and time to destination - Long distance recorder stores daily distances covered for up to 365 days (automatic) - Memorises maximum speed - Battery voltage indicator incl. generator monitoring - Package includes all sensors and cables - An adapter may be necessary for installing the motor temperature sensor. - Accessories can be found on the following pages The „ + „ version of the IMO-100R300 can be fitted to motorcycles with 6 volt or AC (w/o battery) systems. It is equipped with an integrated regulator/rectifier. On the „+“ version the battery voltage indicator will display 1 1.5 V at all times. 012-0011 (IMO-100R300) English Version - Display of total distance travelled up to 999999 (editable) display 11.5 V at all times.

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