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1030 Dirk Schäfer | Morokko Roadbook Lighting Lighting for all standard roadbook holders. Voltage supply from motorcycle‘s electrical system - Very bright, constant backlighting - Extremely flat (just 2.5 mm); diameter of paper roll not restricted - Tested at the most demanding rallyes world-wide - Easy to mount - Dimensions: 100 mm x14 mm or 60 mm x 14 mm - Includes installation hardware, - Connectors etc. 025-0021 (100 mm) 025-0020 (60 mm) Paper roll 150 mm 025-0031 Roadbook forms (150mm pad) for RB-TT, RB-01, RB-MD 025-0032 Spare cover RB-compact 025-0041 Spare cover RB-TT 025-0040 Spare cover RB-TT carbon 025-0140 Spare cover RB-01/RB-MD 025-0042 Spare belt kit RB-01 025-0052 Spare belt kit RB-compact 025-0050 We offer a wide range of accessories and spare parts for all our roadbook holders. We cannot list the whole range in this catalogue due to the variety of parts in stock. If you do not see the spare part you need, just give us a call. Or send an e-mail to

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